Rollon is leading linear motion manufacturer.

Since 1975 they provide linear bearings, actuators, and linear motion products. All offered systems have original and innovative design and are made to meet highest performance and quality requirements. Wherever there is the need to move machine parts using a low friction coefficient, there is a need for ROLLON’s products.

The Company offers technically superior, innovative solutions:


Compact Rail – a simple, precision, linear bearing system that is easy and inexpensive to mount to all surfaces.

telescopic rail

Telescopic Rail - high quality telescopic slides designed for demanding applications, high loads and reliability.

easy slide

Easyslide - these simple yet durable bearings are designed to quickly and easily fit into demanding applications.

x rail

X Rail - a simple and cost effective linear bearing for applications where good load capacity and corrosion resistance are most important.

light rail

Light Rail - a complete platform of versatile light telescopic and semi-telescopic rails.

curvi line

Curviline - versatile solution for applications with non-linear trajectories.

Mono Rail